Inlet Beach, FL

by Chris Jennings, Broker

Looking for new coastal community to call home? Come explore Inlet Beach, one of South Walton’s most untouched coastal neighborhoods. Here, it’s easy to spend a day daydreaming by the beach or strolling along the sand. Laid-back and carefree, the Inlet Beach community welcomes all. Cozy beach cottages mix with modern homes in this old-meets-new beach neighborhood; sweeping sand dunes shape the landscape in a memorable way. Inlet Beach hosts much to be loved by the locals, come see. Let's Talk!

Surrounded by 13 acres of protected dunes, Inlet Beach is the perfect slow-paced escape from a busy life.

View of Rosemary Beach Town Center from Above

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Inlet Beach boasts the largest public beach access point in South Walton, making it a destination for beach lovers. Sink your toes into this quiet beach neighborhood’s sugar-white sand, and then splash around in its turquoise water. Enjoy a casual meal at Pescado or Shades at the Loop, both of which are long-standing local favorites; or head to the Donut Hole’s new Inlet Beach location for family-friendly fare.

As you stroll along the sidewalks of South Walton’s easternmost beach neighborhood, you’ll see wide-open backyards and plenty of untouched territory. Surrounded by 13 acres of protected dunes, Inlet Beach is the perfect slow-paced escape from a busy life. We encourage you to contact a coastal community local real estate guide from Bay To 30A Realty and expand your understanding and appreciation for this unique and well-seasoned beachy place to live. We have only touched on a small part of the local flavor that Inlet Beach brings forth, so let’s continue the conversation!

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